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Flutura is now on Young Adult Books Central

on November 26, 2012

Flutura Cover 011414

If you are looking for lots of great YA reads check out Young Adult Book Central.  This site hosts giveaways, lets you post reviews and be part of a young adult community of readers.  We hope you will check it out as well as our first young adult book, The Alpha Girls Flutura.

Book one of The Alpha Girls series introduces you to Alexis, Brittany and Caitlin who have grown up together since birth. Caitlin is ready to become a woman, but she’s fourteen and has yet to experience her first French kiss or her first period. The summer before high school will change all of that. Caitlin is taken by surprise when Joshua reveals his feelings for her. As Caitlin sorts out her own feelings toward Josh the memory of the kiss she shared with Trick on the beach continues to invade her thoughts. Good thing she’ll never see Trick again or things could get complicated.


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