Creating Children and Young Adult Stories, Armed with Imagination and a Pen

The Nutt Family

Chess Nutt and his sister Praline are always pretending to have crazy adventures. What happens when these two acorn siblings have an unexpected real life adventure on their own?  Things get a little nutty!

The Nutt Family Kindle

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The Nutt Family: An Acorny Adventure


6 responses to “The Nutt Family

  1. feastfromtheland says:

    gonna have to get my hands on this !!

  2. Angela, are the illustrations on this one digital or hand drawn?

  3. HI Angela, I’ve featured The Nutt Family as an Indie Spotlight on my blog. You can find it here: http://www.willslibrary.com/2012/04/19/indie-spotlight-the-nutt-family-an-acorny-adventure/
    Good luck with The Pig Princess!

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