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Flutura Gets a New Look – $.99 through 1/17

Flutura Cover 011414

Our young adult romance series, The Alpha Girls, has a new look.  Book one is completed and book two will be available this spring so get started with Flutura to follow the story of three best friends.  Alexis, Brittany and Caitlin have grown up together since birth. Caitlin is ready to become a woman, but she’s fourteen and has yet to experience her first French kiss or her first period. The summer before high school will change all of that.

Caitlin is taken by surprise when Joshua reveals his feelings for her. As Caitlin sorts out her own feelings toward Josh the memory of the kiss she shared with Trick on the beach continues to invade her thoughts.

Good thing she’ll never see Trick again or things could get complicated.

This first book will be on sale for $.99 through January 17th.

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2012 was a great year


During 2012 when we started launching our children’s and young adult books we weren’t sure what to expect. We were thrilled with the responses to our books and the feedback we have received from our readers. We sold more than 4,000 books and gave away over 40,000 FREE books. Our goal was to make quality picture books and reach as many children as possible and we are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish thus far. To celebrate we are giving away free copies of Eager Eaglets: Birds of Play today on Amazon. This is the story of two young eagles who are eager to take their first solo flight, but they must be patient and wait until they are ready to spread their wings and soar. There are also some interesting eagle facts in the back of this beautifully illustrated book intended for children aged 8 and under.

We are also busy writing our next story, Monsters Have Mommies, scheduled to be released some time this summer.

Stay tuned.

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