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Lil Glimmer makes it to Top 20 in Amazon’s Children’s Poetry!

on February 9, 2012

Yes, it was an exciting day today as my first children’s book was at one time listed #10 on Amazon‘s Children’s Poetry list.  My book gained some momentum being on the “free” book list for kindle and then just as it was taken off the free list it was featured on the “Smart Mom Picks” blog.

Lil Glimmer is aimed at toddlers and preschool aged children.  It is a story about a star who learns patience and sharing and in the end realizes that it is important to take your turn and share.

My second book is in the illustration phase and will be completed in the next couple of months.  Can’t wait to share it with lots of new young readers!


2 responses to “Lil Glimmer makes it to Top 20 in Amazon’s Children’s Poetry!

  1. Congratulations on your success! I’m going to put a link to this site on my blog.


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