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We’ve reached 100 likes on Facebook!

We are thrilled to announce that 4EYESBOOKS has reached 100 likes on Facebook.  This means some people like us.  They really like us!  We will continue putting pen to paper and creating colorful children’s books for our readers to enjoy.  What a great way to end a Friday.  If you haven’t checked out any of our books yet you can find them on Amazon.com.  Don’t forget to leave us a review so we know how we are doing!

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Book Features


It’s an exciting day as we have Lil Glimmer featured on Bargain Books blog today here.   Lil Glimmer is the story of a star who learns patience and sharing.  He gets frustrated when he doesn’t get his way, but in the end he listens to his mother and realizes that waiting and taking his turn is the right thing to do.  These lessons can be hard to accept as a toddler, but this story helped me illustrate these principles of patience and sharing to my own children. 

We also have The Nutt Family:  An Acorny Adventure being spotlighted on Will’s Library here. Chess Nutt and his sister, Praline, are always pretending to have crazy adventures.  What happens when these two acorn siblings have an unexpected real adventure on their own?  Things get a little bit nutty of course!

Both of these stories are available at Amazon in either paperback or kindle versions.  Click each cover to read reviews and learn more!


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