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The Pig Princess – FREE on 9/28/12

on September 28, 2012

We are giving away free kindle versions of The Pig Princess today only.  This is the story of a princess searching for that perfect dress to wear to the ball. She becomes upset when she cannot seem to find a dress that suits her. Will she ever find her perfect fit? This book is intended for children aged 8 and under.

Check her out by clicking on the book cover.  If you don’t have a kindle you can download the kindle app to view this book on your Nook, your phone or your computer.  Just click this Amazon link to the app today.

If you live in the UK you can also download The Pig Princess here for FREE!



4 responses to “The Pig Princess – FREE on 9/28/12

  1. Renee C. says:

    Fabulous! I’ve tweeted about this and shared the link with my followers! 🙂

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