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Do You Like What You Are Reading?

on May 25, 2012

Have you ever read a really good book or had your children respond really well to a children’s book?  Now, think back and try to remember if you let the author know how much you enjoyed their book.  I’m guilty of this too.  Too often it is easier for us to give negative feedback about something, but we are less likely to share positive feedback about a product or a service.  Since beginning my journey as an author I have become much more aware of this.  I’ve started to leave reviews on Amazon for quality books I’ve read when I had never thought of doing it before.

You have no idea the joy an author can experience from reading your positive review.  Even a bad review can have positive consequences.  If you are pointing out something that can make the writer better then the author can learn something in the process. 

So next time you are curled up with a book or you get great service somewhere leave your feedback if you can or spread the word to others about your experience.  Writers love to hear from their readers!


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