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Now Available on Kindle….The Nutt Family

I am proud to announce that the Nutt Family is now available on kindle for $2.99.  This new children’s book is intended for kids 8 years old and under.  It is beautifully illustrated and tells the story of two acorn siblings, Chess Nutt and Praline Nutt, and their real life adventure.  Chess and his sister face some nutty obstacles trying to make their way back home.  This book has been my baby for the past several months and I’m pleased with how we brought it to life.  I’d love to get your feedback so check it out and tell me what you think!


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I think I can…..I think I can…..

What do you think of the new cover?

Okay, so I finished up my dedication and acknowledgement page for The Nutt Family last night.  I went home yesterday feeling a little gloomy because I didn’t think I would have time to finish everything else up with the book and get copies to take to the local author expo on March 3rd.

I had told myself at the beginning of this year that I was going to take risks (so unlike me) and just go for it with my writing.  So, I stand today ready to make things happen.  I will work feverishly tonight to put the finishing touches on things and get my file uploading to the publishing site.  After that, I will expedite shipping on the books so I have them in time.  I will also be making bookmarks to hand out to the kids that come to the expo and I should be able to get those completed in time.

I have the determination to make this happen even though I have never been to an author expo in my life.  I am terrified, but I think I can do this!