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Anti Bully Awareness

There are lots of schools and organizations focus on anti bullying awareness activities during this time of year.  From the United Kingdom to the Unites States we can all agree that bullying in any form is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.  I remember seeing kids get picked on and bullied when I was in school.  I remember thinking how miserable they must feel to have to deal with that every day, but I didn’t have the courage to get involved and be an advocate for those other kids.  It’s never too early to talk to your children about bullying and what kids should do if they see it.  Don’t let your children be silent bystanders.  Let them know that they can tell the bully to stop and oftentimes that is all that is needed to alter the bully’s behavior.

We can teach our kids to have a different attitude about bullying and really make a difference in another child’s situation.  Today our children’s book, The Bee Bully, is being featured on the Kindle Fire Department.  I hope you will check it out either in kindle or paperback form and have a conversation with your kids about what bullying means and what steps they should take to stop it in it’s tracks.

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What’s All The Buzz About?


Last month we launched out latest children’s book, The Bee Bully.  We have been thrilled with the feedback we have been receiving with this book so far.  Here’s the buzz on what some of our readers are saying:

This book is for younger children. It seems like we would not need to address the topic of bullying to small children but the cold hard fact is bullying occurs at any age! This is another great resource to help raise awareness of this horrible epidemic!”

“We enjoyed the mean bee story. Was quite a lesson learned by the bee, which was great in giving us more things to discuss!
Was also very funny!”

“An important point, brought out in the pictures is that Mr. Bee looks sad when he’s mean and looks gleefully happy when he changes.”

We are currently working on our next story which has been a collaboration with my wonderful husband.  Eager Eaglets:  Birds of Play will be undergoing the illustration phase soon.  These baby eagles really want to fly, but they must be patient until they are ready to take that next big step in their young lives.

Stay tuned….