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Have You Heard the Buzz?

On August 9th we will be giving away free copies of our latest children’s book, The Bee Bully, on Amazon.  Just click the cover and download your free copy today.  This grumpy little bee does not treat his neighbors very well, but something happens to him that makes him change his attitude around.  You’ll enjoy reading this story told in verse with your children and talking about the lesson this bully bee teaches.

Make sure to snag your copy of this Kindle book today and leave us some feedback on Amazon to let us know your thoughts on our latest story.

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Free Children’s Book on Kindle April 3rd

5 stars on Amazon!  We are doing a free promotion on kindle tomorrow for our latest childrens’ book, The Nutt Family:  An Acorny Adventure.  Chess Nutt and his sister Praline are always pretending to have crazy adventures. What happens when these two acorn siblings have an unexpected real life adventure on their own?  Things get a little nutty, of course!  These acorns run into a few obstacles along the way, but they stick together and make their way back home.  This book is beautifully illustrated and intended for children aged 8 and under. 

If you have little readers in the house we hope you will check it out and let us know your feedback!

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