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The People We Touch…..



I’ve done a few readings at a local independent bookstore and I always enjoy the reactions I get to see from children as I read my stories.  As an author I know there are many children whose reactions I never get to see.  Today I received an email from this bookstore detailing a visit from a faith-based school that blew me away.  Lots of first and second graders gathered in the store while one of my books, Suzy Snowflake, was read.  Suzy is a snowflake fairy who prays to God when she feels different than her friends and teaches her good friend, Frost, how to pray.  The children talked about how they can be a witness to their friends who may be in need of God’s grace.

Our books can have an impact on others that we never get to see.  I’m so thankful that the bookstore knew enough to capture this moment for me and tell me about it.  This reading….that I didn’t even attend, has reminded me that we touch other people every day.  I’m so thankful my stories are having a positive impact on children.

This is why I write.


Suzy Reading


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Suzy Snowflake is #1 in Hot New Releases for Children’s Christmas Books


We have been blown away by the response we have received from our latest children’s book release.  Our recent free promotion exceeded our expectations and lots of readers have left reviews on Amazon giving us high marks for this story of a snowflake fairy who notices she looks different than her friends.  Suzy gets worried and decides to pray to God about her fears.  When one of her friends sees Suzy praying and is curious about it Suzy shows him how to talk to God.  Both friends soon realize we are all unique and special just as God intends.

Hope you will out Suzy Snowflake on Amazon if you haven’t already and let us know your thoughts on this story.

Here’s what some of our readers are saying:

“What a stunning book. I loved the message and I can’t wait to read it over and over again to my little girl when she gets a bit older.”

“I absolutely love the artwork, the characters are adorable.”

“I liked the message Suzy learned- that we are all different but loved by God.”

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