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We are pleased to share that some of our children’s book are being featured on Book Basset today.  You can download a free copy of Eager Eaglets:  Birds of Play today on Amazon and they are also listing a few of our other picture books.  Book Basset is always on the hunt for great kindle deals and you can sign up for their notifications on their website.

There are lots of exciting things happening at 4EYESBOOKS this year.  We currently have two new stories in the illustration phase.  Cactus Charlie is scheduled to be completed in May and Monsters Have Mommies will be out in late summer.  We will be having some great promos for these new releases so stay tuned!

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Results of the Author Expo

Yesterday I attended my first local author expo.  It was a good way to meet other authors and get my name out there.  The bonus was that I sold some autographed copies of my books so I was pleased with the result.  There wasn’t as much foot traffic as I would have liked, but it was a good forum for me to dip my toes into.  Now I won’t be so nervous if I do another expo or a bookstore signing.  The Nutt Family; An Acorny Adventure continues to slowly build on Amazon.  I had my first Amazon UK sale yesterday….wahoo!  I’ve got a British blogger who has agreed to review it so I will cross my fingers that she likes it.  Stay tuned here for some promotional giveaways that will be taking place at 4eyesbooks in the near future.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our children’s books please refer to the book pages on the right side of the website for more information.

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