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Birthday Giveaway

Yes, today I turn one year older and hopefully wiser.  The calendar says I’m 41, but we’ll pretend I am dyslexic today and that instead I’m 14.  Oh, to go back to that age with the knowledge I have now….that would be interesting.

This is also the day that we are giving away two free paperback copies of The Nutt Family:  An Acorny Adventure.  There is still time to enter here.  Just click the link and leave a comment telling us what your favorite children’s book is and you are entered.  Two winners will be drawn tomorrow so get your entry in now.

I’m going to blow out the candles on my cake now before the smoke alarm goes off 🙂

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The Nutts are on Frugal Ereader Today


The Nutt Family:  An Acorny Adventure is being featured on frugal ereader today here.  These guys continue to get great feedback from readers so we are excited about the journey they have begun.  Don’t forget that you can still enter to win a free paperback copy of this new children’s book.  Enter here.  Hurry because this contest ends March 20th!

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